There is a substantial body of evidence to show that men’s health and well-being issues need to be addressed as a matter of urgency. This broad range of research has highlighted the health difficulties which face men in Northern Ireland and further afield.

Men’s Health in Ireland

Getting Inside Men’s Health 

Men’s Health in Northern Ireland: Tackling the Root Causes of Men’s [ill] Health

A Report on the all-Ireland Young Men and Suicide Project

Facing the Challenge - The Impact of Recession and Unemployment on Men’s Health in Ireland

The State of Men’s Health in Europe

  • This evidence clearly shows that men’s health could be improved in many significant ways.

Men require support, encouragement and increased opportunities to do this. But service providers also have needs if they are to be effective in this field.

Why do we need Men's Health West?

There has been, and continues to be, a broad range of health initiatives which target men across the Western Health and Social Care Trust area. However, some of these happen in isolation; many are not widely known; there is potential for competition for limited resources; a danger exists that people will get ‘into a rut’ repeating the same activities; the possibilities for cooperative activity are not being fully maximised

  • o Help to reduce feelings of isolation
  • o Offer peer support
  • o Ensure the cross-fertilisation of ideas
  • o Share recent research on evidence-based practice
  • o Showcase what can happen / has happened in the field of men’s health and well-being work
  • o Encourage working in partnership, and the sharing of experience, contacts, skills and resources
  • o Increase coordination of activities and avoid 'reinventing the wheel'

What is our Value Base?

    • o Recognises that men and boys are people of worth
      • o Believes that there is a need for increased health and well-being support for all males
      • o Acknowledges that men and boys have a range of needs which must be met in a variety of ways
      • o Recognises that the development of men and women is inter-dependent and complementary
      • o Positively encourages the involvement of women in this developmental process
      • o Promotion of good health for everyone this is fundamental to the process of realising gender equality.

What are our Objectives?

  • o Collective focus for work with men and reflecting the extent, diversity and importance of this work
    • o Ensuring opportunities for mutual support, referral, and the sharing of information and best practice
    • o Offering the possibility for people to come together to look at specific issues
    • o Communicating current developments in men’s work throughout the catchment area
    • o Encouraging innovative approaches to men’s health issues
    • o Supporting research in this field



What is Our Aim?

To promote cooperative activity across the Western Trust area that will help to raise awareness of male health issues and to advance the quality and quantity of work with men in addressing their health and well-being needs.

The Western Health and Social Care Trust provides health and social care services across five council areas of Limavady, Londonderry, Strabane, Omagh and Fermanagh.  It employs approximately 12,000 staff and spends £459 million annually on the delivery of a wide range of health and social care services to meet the needs of the local population.

The Western Trust was established on 1 April 2007 under the Review of Public Administration. The Trust brought together the delivery of Health and Social Care which was previously provided by three separate Trusts: Altnagelvin, Foyle and Sperrin Lakeland Trusts and Westcare Business Services

Who are our Members?

Membership is open to men and women, individuals and organisations, from statutory, voluntary, community and academic sectors, who have an active interest in men's work / issues and who can agree with the mission, value base and aim of this initiative.  

Iis a diverse network of individuals and organisations, men and women, from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  The Forum was established in 1999, and operates on an all-island basis.  It is, primarily, structured, organised and run using the expertise, resources and enthusiasm of volunteers.  MHFI seeks to promote all aspects of the health and well being of men and boys on the island of Ireland through research, training, networking, health initiatives and advocacy. 

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Men's Action Network (MAN) offers proactive support to men in time of crisis and/or safe spaces to explore voice and gain insight with the many life issues men face today. Fundamental to our work is addressing the isolation men feel, isolation that can in times of crisis lead to serious life consequences like addiction, depression, and in some extreme instances suicide.

Core to our work is an ethos of prevention and intervention, recognising and supporting men and boys emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and social life experiences while striving to develop their holistic health and wellbeing.

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NHIP provides health improvement programmes across six communities within Strabane, Derry and Limavady.

If you live in any of our six areas you could get involve in both physical and mental health and well-being, Boot camps, Gardening, Men’s Shed’s, and much, much more.  If you want to get involved give use a shout and see what is happening in your area

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Relate Northern Ireland is recognised as the leading relationship and family support organisation within Northern Ireland providing confidential relationship counselling support to individuals, couples, young people and families. Established in 1947 and currently provides services through 9 centres in Belfast, L'Derry, Portadown, Newry, Coleraine, Dungannon, Cookstown, Ballymena and Irvinestown.  Relate's services are open to anyone seeking help to deal with relationship issues

Our services are provided by a team of well qualified, experienced counsellors, who are BACP/IACP accredited and are supervised by accredited clinical supervisors.  Relate counsellors are trained in a range of theoretical practice, including systemic practice, as well as specific areas such as domestic abuse and mental health issues. This equips them to deal with a wide range of relationship issues, in support of families and individuals.

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Parenting NI is a leading organisation, which has been supporting parents in Northern Ireland since 1979.  The focus is on prevention and early intervention, and the organisation has a reputation for delivering high quality services.  Parenting NI has developed its services based on the needs of parents.

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Omagh Men's Shed offers a male friendly environment where all participants can benefit from postivie Physical, Mental and Social projects. We engage in practical work experience and enhance life skills

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Legal Bit

Men's Health West is registered in the United Kingdom as a Company and accepted as a charity under Reference Number: XR14267.

Men's Health West regeistered address is 100 Patrick Street, Derry, BT48 7EL

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